Fellowship Student Ministries

Middle school and high school years can be challenging to navigate, but they are also important years in a student’s life. These are the years when they begin to take what they learn and make it their own. We see our role as helping students and parents navigate through this crucial stage from teenager to adulthood. We want to offer these young people tools that will help them to own their faith in a way that moves them out to serve God in their communities and ultimately the world.


Fellowship Student Ministries serves students 6th - 8th grade (Pivot) and students 9th - 12th grade (high school).


**Please note: There will be no Middle School or High School programming Sunday, March 4 due to the DNOW Retreat.

Pivot meets Sundays during 1st service in the Youth Room.

Our high school ministry meets Sunday, 6:00-8:00 P.M., in the Youth Room.

Upcoming Events

DNOW Retreat
March 2-4

Discipleship Now is a weekend where we get away from all distractions and connect with God and one another to build new friendships that are centered on Jesus Christ. This weekend will be an amazing time to connect with Christ more deeply, have lots of fun, great food and get to hear from an excellent speaker who understands and respects high school and middle school students. Join FSM in the greatest weekend of the year. 

Drop off Friday 7:00 P.M. at Ridgecrest Conference Center located at 1 Ridgecrest Dr, Ridgecrest, NC 28770. Students will be brought back to the church Sunday for 2nd service. 


**Students must turn in a Medical Treatment Release Form and Parental Consent in order to go. Forms can be printed through the links above or picked up in the Youth Room.

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For more info About student ministries

To learn more about our student ministries, email Carol King at carol@fellowshipasheville.com.